Josh Weinstein Design


How can a digital product help people overcome creative block?

wanderform is an app that uses two creative exercises to help people under stress and deadlines overcome creative block.


Personas and Scenarios

Personas and scenarios helped identify who the target users are and how they would be using the app.


Task Analysis, Site Map, and Testing

The task analysis and site map highlight the most important actions, screens, and interactions in the app. This analysis guided the creation of the wireframes.

Task Analysis

Site Map

User testing helped guide the design of the app. The final paper prototype of the wireframe was tested with three people to find pain points and areas that weren’t intuitive. These tests found problems with the gallery, which was refined in the high fidelity prototype on Adobe XD.


Style Guide

The style guide defines the look and feel of the application.


Final Design

The final prototype takes into account the needs of the personas and the synthesis of the ideation.

Welcome screen



Share your creations on social media or send them to a widget on your friend’s home screen.

Your creation will appear on your friend’s home screen.

Promo Video

The promo video showcases the main features and includes a full demonstration of the prototype.

Final Presentation Deck

This slide deck shows the entire process for both the user experience design and user interface design for wanderform.