Josh Weinstein Design

Fiber Furniture

How can furniture be as sustainable as possible?

Fiber Furniture are multi-functional pieces made with recycled paper and recycled paper fiberboard and are designed to be as sustainable as possible.



Research of precedent for recycled paper furniture. There are modular solutions made from slotting components and solid single-part solutions.


Sketches and Models

The initial focus of the sketches was on forms that could be made from a single molded paper pulp part and opportunities for modularity. Small scale models continued these explorations.


Full-Scale Models

The full scale prototypes explored multi-functionality with the seat flipping over into a side table. These models also explored the differences between creating a solid single part form, and a series of slotting components for the ability to flat pack.


Material Exploration

Recycled paper pulp was explored both as a solid material and as a coating, along with Homasote, a recycled paper fiberboard traditionally used for soundproofing. Test samples were used with milk paint as a finish.


First Design

This design is a chair that can function as a side table when flipped over. It uses recycled paper pulp as a coating. The main exploration in this piece is using paper pulp as a finish for other materials. The coating is durable and can easily be repaired if necessary. The cushion can be removed so the chair can be flipped over to function as a side table.

⭐️ Award winning project: Pratt Institute School of Design Social Justice and Sustainability Awards


Second Design

This design is a bench that can function as a side table when flipped over. This is ideal for people who move often, since this piece of furniture can adapt to new spaces. It is made from Homasote with an all natural milk paint finish, meaning that the entire bench is recyclable and biodegradable. It works great in occasional use spaces, such as an entryway, where a seat, table surface, or storage may be needed. It assembles quickly without hardware and can be transported as flat components.

Fiber Bench is great for occasional use spaces such as an entryway.

Assembly and disassembly can be completed quickly by one person.

All components flat pack and assemble without hardware.