Josh Weinstein Design

Oblique Mug

Can a stacking mug save space in a beautiful way?

Oblique Mugs are slip cast earthenware mugs designed to save space while creating a beautiful and sculptural composition.


Mold-making and Casting

I created and validated the design in Fusion 360. The body and handle were 3D printed as separate components. A plaster mold is made from each 3D print, with a four piece mold made for the mug body, and a two piece mold made for the handle. Once cast, the handle is attached to the mug with slip. The imperfections are smoothed and the mugs are fired and glazed.

Final Design

Oblique Mugs are designed to stack in an alternating pattern, with the oblique angles creating a dynamic composition. The handle enhances the form with an angled edge, matching the mug body. Oblique Mugs are both functional and sculptural. When stacked, they save space while forming a beautiful sculpture.